Foodie Post #6 | The Little Pancake Company | Raspberry & White Chocolate Pancakes

The lovely Zoe from The Little Pancake Company was nice enough to send me one of her american style pancake mixes! I'd never made american pancakes before, but always wanted to, so I couldn't wait to give it a go! I was send the Raspberry and White Chocolate flavour. There are lots of gorgeous unique flavours to choose from, including - Zingy Ginger, Triple Chocolate, Rocky Road, Apple Crumble, Jelly Bean and Choconutty Fudge. You can also purchase cutters, whisks and aprons (which are beautiful!). 

I absolutely loved the packaging of the mix, I thought it looked adorable, with a gorgeous vintage feel. I love the logo and the design, it reflects the product very well, the branding is great! I also loved the instructions on the back, they had funny little sayings included which I thought was a lovely touch! So nice instead of military style instructions! They were really easy to follow, especially for a american pancake virgin like me! 

To make the pancakes, all you need in addition to the mix is 1 egg and 250ml of milk, so it's dead easy! I was a little nervous making these since it was my first time, but I thought it went really well! The mixture was great, didn't stick at all to the pan, which I was worried about! After a couple of pancakes I had three going at once, felt like a pro (ha!). Since I made these for me, my mam and my boyfriend for breakfast we topped them with icing sugar. Out of the mix we got 12 good size pancakes. 

The pancakes tasted absolutely delicious! They were so fluffy and light, a great consistency! I can't stress enough how many raspberries and white chocolate there was in the mix! Absolutely loads! Sometimes with ready made mixes, they scrimp on things like that, but not in this case! The raspberries and white chocolate tasted great in the pancakes, really complimented each other well. 

Overall I was so impressed with this pancake mix, it was my first time making American pancakes and I will definitely be making them again in the future, especially with all the gorgeous flavours that The Little Pancake Company have, so many I want to try! The packaging was beautiful and the mix itself made the most delicious pancakes! I would definitely recommend checking out The Little Pancake Company



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