Summer Drinks with Fentimans

I'm sure most of you will have heard of Fentimans, you're sure to find their delicious range of drinks in lots of cafes and restaurants. I'm always reppin' the North East and Fentimans are an independent family company based in Hexham! Still owned by the family of the original Thomas Fentiman!

I've tasted my fair share of Fentimans over the years but I was amazed to see just how many delicious flavours they have! They have lots of new releases including Connoisseurs Tonic Water, Valencian Orange Tonic Water and Sparkling Raspberry. As well as classics including Rose Lemonade (my favourite!), Ginger Beer and Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water. 

As some of you may know I'm partial to a tipple now and again...I honestly haven't found any more delicious mixers than Fentimans, you can literally put them with any spirit and they taste amazing! Their Rose Lemonade with pink gin was a match made in heaven! If you're more of a G&T person I'd highly recommend their Botanical Tonic Water, super tasty! It's safe to say my bar cart is well stocked!

The main reason I'm sharing all of these lovely drinks with you is tell you about a huge charity bike ride they are doing with Hanover Diaries to raise money for the Rainbow Trust, a charity supporting families with seriously ill children. Cycling over 300+ miles to raise over £20,000! I even got my hands on a special Big Cycle bottle! If you would like to donate anything to the cause visit their Just Giving page or text MILK73 to 70070.

Katie x

*In collaboration with Fentimans


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