Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Haul

You know I'm a sucker for a theme and when I watched Zoella's video on her new Sweet Inspirations range, I just couldn't resist! I decided to order some bits online from Superdrug instead of elbowing 12 year olds out of the way! I really like how different this range is from the others, I loved the Tutti Fruity range but something like this is a lot more up my street! I love anything sweet and I knew I'd love the macaron scent! This is probably the nicest packaging from all of her ranges, I love the pastels and the art deco style font, it feels a little more grown up. 

Firstly I picked up the Double Creme Body Cream (£5), I love the Tutti Fruity Candy Cream Body Lotion so I'm sure this will be just as nice, made with sweet almond oil, cacao and honey. 

Next I picked up the Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules (£6), I will admit the packaging really sucked me in here, bath salts freak me out a bit, but maybe I just did a Chandler Big and didn't dissolve them properly in the past!

Probably the think I'm most looking forward to trying is the Bath Latte Bath & Shower Milk (£6), although Steven did mention to me that the consistency resembled something unfavourable to put in the bath! 

Finally I also couldn't resist picking up the Life Is Sweet Beauty Bag (£6), I reasoned with myself that I need something to put in a bigger handbag to keep my bits in (I probably don't) but the pastels and patent material sucked me right in! 

Have you picked up anything from the Sweet Inspirations Range?



  1. I'm most excited to get the Bath Latte omg


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  2. The packaging is beyond stunning! Zoe's brand has evolved so much since the beginning and I love where it's heading!


  3. I want to try the bath latte. Hopefully it'll be good. Let us know what you think when you use it. I kind want to get the bigger bag!


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  5. The packaging for this range is literally so gorgeous - really need to pick up a few bits!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. This range does feel more grown-up and professional than the other Zoe's made. I thought her previous ranges were too targeted at a young public, whereas this one speaks to a wider range of people. The Bath Latte has to be the most popular product, everybody's getting it, and if I had access to her products I would get it as well!

    Julia x
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