Prague Photo Diary | Day 1

Last week me and Steven ventured off on a 3 night trip to Prague, it's somewhere I've wanted to go for a while, I always loved the fairytale look of it in photos, we found some cheap flights and booked a gorgeous AirBnb and we were off! I'd definitely recommend checking out the AirBnb's, ours was beautiful and way cheaper than a hotel (not to mention a whole apartment!). We even had a little balcony with amazing views over Prague and the castle. We were staying in the Old Town near the Jewish Quarter, a fab location, everything was pretty much within walking distance and just five minutes from the Old Town Square. Stay tuned for the next 4 instalments of my Prague Photo Diaries!

We arrived in Prague just after lunch time, I'm pretty anal with the itinerary so I'd already found most places we were going to eat, I stumbled across a place called Fish & Chips, pretty explanatory although it wasn't a run of the mill British type place, it was more of a trendy take on classic fish and chips, I went for the Fish Hot Dog which was yummy and Steven had the haddock. It was a nice easy lunch only a couple of minutes from the apartment. Steven had his first Czech beer, which was cheaper than my Diet Coke!

We planned to just mooch around the Old Town Square for a bit on our first day, unbeknown's to us there was an Easter market there with lots of stalls and the most exciting bit, a little petting zoo with donkeys, goats and sheep! I'm strangely obsessed with farm animals and I couldn't resist going to pet them. They had a lovely big pen with plenty of hay and water, where you could play for a handful of feed, so cute! 

We both loved the architecture in the Old Town Square, the buildings were amazing to look at, super quirky like nothing I've seen before. I loved that the Easter markets had lots of Easter egg decorations, they looked so sweet. I did want to go to Prague at Christmas, but now I've experienced the Easter ones, I'm sure they're just as good. 

We obviously had to stand and watch the Astronomical Clock chime on the hour, we knew there would be crowds but it was still good to see, apparently it's the oldest working Astronomical clock in the world! A tip would be to go and see this at a weekday, we walked past in on a Saturday and couldn't get moved! 

After that we walked to the top of the Town Hall Tower to see some amazing views all over Prague, it really was gorgeous! Remember to take your student card to get discount on tickets like this one! Also I'd wait for the lift if it's not too busy, were were knackered walking to the top, even if it was ramps instead of stairs! 

After another quick look around the markets, obsessing over how cute the tree looked with all the Easter decorations looked and being dragged kicking and screaming away from the farm animals, we took the short walk down to the river to look for a river cruise. We like our river cruises, we went on ones in Paris and Amsterdam. 

We went on our cruise just as the sun was setting which made for some lovely views, although I'd probably give the river cruise a miss, it was nowhere near as good as the others we'd been on, it was quite expensive and for a whole hour we hardly even moved up the river, the information was a bit vague, so it was a bit rubbish, but you never know until you try! 

For our first meal in Prague we wanted to try something traditional, something as a vegetarian I was a little worried about, it's very meat orientated. We went to Vkolkvne, which we knew was going to be a bit brash, and it was, we pretty much got ordered downstairs but we did hear sometimes service wasn't great! Anyway we still were looking forward to our food, Steven went for the Bohemian Platter, which has a variety of traditional meats, sausage, ham, duck and even sparrow (eww!), with a variety of dumplings and cabbage. He really enjoyed it although it was a huge portion. I went for the Vegetarian Fry Up, one of only 2 veggie dishes (the menu was humongous!), it was differed fried cheeses with seasoned potatoes, sounds boring but it was pretty tasty, again super filling! 

Our day was over after a couple of cocktails at a New York style cocktail bar called Tretter's, which we would definitely recommend! My next Prague photo diary will be up in a couple of days, if you've got any questions don't hesitate to leave me a comment! 


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