Pizza Punks Newcastle | September 2018

If there's something I'm always in the mood for, it's pizza. So when I got invited along to try the newly opened Pizza Punks on Grey Street in Newcastle, I jumped at the chance! In a great spot in the middle of town I was immediately impressed by the gorgeous interior. Lots of neon signs, very instagramable! We visited on a Tuesday night at 6pm, it was getting busy at that time but we still had the pick of the tables so picked one next to the window.

After perusing the drinks menu we settled on a sipsmith's G&T and I went for a Desparita (although they didn't have any Desperado left so I had Estrella instead). They had a great cocktail menu, I could've easily made my way through the lot! It was nice to see they had a variety of craft beers too. Although I was very tempted by their freakshakes too! Here everything comes out when it's ready so our sides came out first, I went for chilli cheese garlic bread (super tasty) and my friend tried the sourdough cheeseburger bites, which he enjoyed although they were super filling! 

Onto the main event! The premise here at pizza punks is building your own pizza and being able to add unlimited toppings. However saying that they do also have a Newcastle Loves section which are some of the best topping combos on the menu, like Fake Moos, Full English, Say Cheeseburger, Philly Cheesesteak Calzone and Messy Mexican. All of which sounded so tempting but we decided to pick our own. We both went for sourdough bases (GF available too), red sauce and mozzarella cheese. 

I went for veggie sausage, jalapeƱos, olives and mac & cheese, a strange combo some might say but I stuck to my guns and it was delicious! The sourdough base was great, not at all soggy like in some pizza places. I loved that they had veggie meat alternatives as you hardly ever see this, being vegetarian there was plenty of choice of toppings that weren't just bog standard. My pal being the carnivore he is went for red onions, sundries tomatoes, jalapeƱos, lamb donner and newcastle brown ale beef brisket. He also really enjoyed his, even if he had to take half away in a box (what an amateur I demolished mine!). 

Overall our visit to Pizza Punks was great and I wouldn't hesitate to return. Our service was extremely quick and really friendly, the menu was explained to use really thoroughly.  I love the idea of unlimited toppings, I think it will draw people back again and again to try something new, I know there's plenty more toppings I want to try! 

Katie x

*Our meals were very kindly complimentary, as always all opinions are my own.



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