How Well Do You Know Your Car Dashboard Lights?

I'll be the first to admit, cars are not my thing, my boyfriend on the other hand is car crazy! Many a time have I had to listen to him and his friends compare each others cars, cue the eye roll and eyes glazing over...I thought it was about time to actually try and remember what all the warning lights mean on my dashboard, I'm sure I can't be the only one that has to Google "exclamation mark in bendy circle on dashboard" or maybe that's just me...
It took me 4 go's to pass my driving test when I was 17, 6 years ago this month (christ I'm old!) Although I did pass my theory first time so that softens the blow! It really does get demoralising failing 3 times, not to mention expensive! But when I got that certificate in my hands I was so excited to be able to venture out by myself in my little broom!

My car history isn't too exciting, my first car was a Vauxhall Corsa (actually my second car was also a Corsa). Corsa's were pretty standard for a first car and still are, everyone has their fair share of mishaps when they first learn to drive (and almost 6 years later...), cue the Go Girl Car Dashboard Lights Guide! Oh break system warning light my old friend, many a time did I see you and hear a beeping, realising I'd been driving with my hand brake on, all the way to the shops...
After I'd had my first car about a year and a half it failed its MOT in grand fashion, it would've been more expensive to fix than the car was worth, so step in my new Corsa! I was so excited to have a brand new car with that new car smell (although it was sad saying goodbye to my first car)! This one served me very well for 3 years until I decided to go for an upgrade.

After many a long conversation with my boyfriend about the pros and cons of a Fiat 500, my heart was set and I got my very own mint green little noddy car to scoot around in! I've loved these for years and I was so excited to finally have one of my own! So it's probably time I remembered what all of the warning lights are and not rely on my boyfriend to keep me right, I love the tips on the guide, shout at the passengers is definitely one I can relate to! 
Go Girl also offer insurance for young drivers, I know how ridiculously expensive insurance can be when you're 17 and pass your driving test so it's worth a look! 
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  1. Ah we have the same car! xx

  2. That's my dream car! I'm hopefully getting one this year, if I graduate from my Masters haha. It's my treat!

    The Crown Wings


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