Valentine's Day Homemade Gift Hamper Ideas

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so I thought I would share a little gift idea that I made for my boyfriend last year. I decided I would make him a homemade gift hamper filled with lots of treats! This is pretty inexpensive so it's perfect if you don't really do big gifts and just want something fun. I already had this little wicker basket from something I'd bought previously I just tied a big red ribbon around it. I really wanted to personalise the gifts and make them fun so I looked on Pinterest for some ideas on how to jazz them up. While I was scrolling I saw loads of free printable labels for gifts, I thought that they were super cute and I picked out things Steven would like and tailored the funny labels towards them. 

As you can see these labels are super fun and really easy to make, I just downloaded the templates, printed them out, stuck them onto card and attached them to the relevant gifts. The "Talk Nerdy To Me" on a pack of Nerds, "Here's Your Beer, Where's My Chocolate?" on a bottle of beer, "I'm Nuts About You Valentine" on a little jar of nuts that I flavoured and roasted and the "I Love You To Pieces" on a box of Reeses Pieces! I think this is a sweet little idea and would be fun for your significant other on Valentine's Day! 


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  1. Such a great idea! I'm so stuck what to get Simon so I may pinch this idea off you!


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