North East Visits | Festive Afternoon Tea and Cocktails at Oh You Pretty Things

Last week I was kindly invited along to Oh You Pretty Things in the Metrocentre to try their festive afternoon tea and a couple of their Christmas cocktails! I haven't had a chance to visit here before, but I was always aware of it, it had a different name originally, walking past seeing people sipping champagne is a common occurrence! I had no idea they did afternoon tea, I always thought it was just a bar, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I brought my mam along with me, if you read my blog often you'll know our thing is afternoon tea! After we sat in our corner, we were treat to a glass of Prosecco while our afternoon tea was prepared!

Our tea came on a lovely ornate style glass stand, starting off with the sandwiches, being a vegetarian I didn't try them (I'm sure I could've been accommodated for but with it being a festive afternoon tea I thought they might have been different and wanted to share what you would normally get! My mam could eat them anyway!). So there was a BLT and a chicken salad, they were decent sizes and my mam enjoyed them! Onto the scones, I'll be honest I didn't think they would be so nice! They were fluffy and super yummy, there was plenty of butter, jam and cream which is always a bonus! 

For the sweet bits, there were two macarons, two festive fondant fancies and two bakewell mince pies. Everything here was really tasty, obviously for a champagne bar you can't really expect everything to be homemade and I wasn't expecting it to be. Although not homemade, everything was assembled and presented really nicely and I think the quality was great and suited the setting. 

So after we'd finished our afternoon tea we sat and and polished off our glasses of Prosecco watching all the shoppers go past! Our lovely server Courtney gave us the extensive cocktail menu and asked us which ones we'd like to try. After perusing the whole menu (honestly it's huge!), we asked Courtney to bring us ones that she would recommend! She said she was going to surprise us!

So our gorgeous looking cocktails arrived! I had a candy floss martini which is one of their most popular cocktails, this one is super fun, it comes with a little ball of candy floss that you dissolve into the cocktail, it was super yummy! The star of the show for me and my mam had to be their Christmas appletini! This is probably the nicest cocktail I've ever had in terms of taste! I'm a sucker for anything spicy and this was laced with cinnamon, it was delicious! The apple on the side was a really nice touch too. We had such a nice time here, the afternoon tea really was tasty, our cocktails were delicious! I'd definitely recommend making a pit stop here while you're doing your Christmas shopping! 

*Our food and drinks were very kindly complimentary for the purpose of this review, as always all opinions are my own!

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