My Little Christmas Box | December 2016

Ok I'm going to say it...I think this might be my favourite ever My Little Box! As you can tell this month's My Little Box is Christmas themed! I was honestly blown away by the quality of this box, everything in here is right up my street! 

So my favourite part of the box has to be the lifestyle section so lets get into it! The first thing in the box was this gorgeous print of a little car piled high with Christmas presents, this looks so much like my little car too! The next thing was the cutest little candle! I'm an absolute candle obsessive this little one with it's wooden lid is so sweet! It smells so nice, it's called winter morning and that's exactly how it smells! Snow and a little bit like pine, but fresh and sweet, so good! Next up was a little pot of Tiptree Salted Caramel Spread which sounds amazing! There was also a tin of Kusmi Tea in the black tea and orange flavour which sounds so yummy! Finally there was a gorgeous Cuff Bracelet, love the little bag it came in too! 

Onto the beauty bits, these weren't as spectacular but still nice! There was a L'Occitane Shower Oil which sounds lovely and a little mini fragrance called Hyperbole by Courreges, it's a lovely spicy and smoky scent, great for this time of year. Finally by My Little Beauty there was a Smoky Eyes Duo, this is the cutest little eyeshadow duo. The shades are a gorgeous shimmery taupe and a deep chestnut, really excited to try these! 


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  1. I bet that caramel spread is amazing in coffee or over ice cream! Looks like a rally good haul this month! X


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