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If you live in the North East you'll probably have heard about the new restaurant developments in Eldon Square, a brand shiny new section with lots of exciting new arrivals! A couple of those restaurants have already opened and one that me and Steven were eager to try was George's Great British Kitchen, although a chain they only have one other restaurant in Nottingham. It's not the biggest unit and we booked for the first available time on a Sunday which was 2:45pm. So it had been super busy, this meant that when we arrived we were informed of a few things that had ran out (teething problems I'm guessing!) I mean who runs out of diet coke?! Squeezed onto our little table we perused the menus which were in a newspaper style. 

The vibe here as you can probably tell is classic British, very seaside-esque with beach huts and the like. Although I found it wasn't tacky, quirky but still stylish. I didn't have massively high expectations for veggie options, their selling point I think is pie and chips, fish and chips etc. Their veggie options weren't bad and there were a few options I was happy to try. For starters I decided on the Goats Cheese Fritters, served with a beetroot chutney and pickles. I really enjoyed these, the batter was crisp without being greasy, really yummy. Steven went for the Katsu Chicken Goujons (partly because he was a little gutted they'd ran out of Chicken in a Basket for his main!) nevertheless the really liked them.

Onto the mains, I honestly couldn't believe the portion sizes, they were huge! Not bad for a tenner give or take! I went for the Chickpea Masala Pie, served with bhaji battered onion rings, chips and curry sauce. I thought this was a unique veggie option, not an afterthought like some restaurants have! It was really nice, although I didn't manage to polish it off! Steven went for George's Meets Geordie's Saveloy Pie, served with chips (Steven chose Stilton chips which looked incredible!) and onion gravy. He really enjoyed his, again though he didn't manage to finish it either! I was gutted we were too full for the infamous doughnuts and candy floss sharing dessert (damn you starters!), so I'll be sure to return to give that a go! For somewhere that's very recently opened the service was great, quick and friendly without any hiccups! 

Have you visited George's Great British Kitchen?



  1. I heard about George's Kitchen and it definitely looks like somewhere I would love to try! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. We have a table booked next week and I can't wait!

  3. I have been dying to visit here since it opened. I am hoping we can visit soon as I love the sound of the meals, they really do look huge portion sizes x


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