My Little Brooklyn Box | October 2016

I can't believe it's already October and I'm back again with another My Little Box, this one I think is my favourite od the the year so far, I absolutely love it, I was so impressed! This one is Brooklyn themed and as you'd expect, it's super trendy! Very much New York coffee and doughnuts themed! I'll start off with the lifestyle bits...

Firstly there was little stencil to make a pattern on the top of your coffee which I thought was so cute!   Along with that was the sweetest enamel mug (£10) with Coffee Made Me Do It written on the front, love this! You might have seen my DIY Patch & Pin Denim Jacket post a couple of weeks back, if so you'll know how excited I was when there was a Doughnut Pin (£6) in the box! It's fits perfectly with the fun theme of my denim jacket so I was over the moon! There was also two lovely Collar Tip Pins (£6), which I thought were really nice too. 

Onto the beauty bits, firstly there was a Polar Genuine Lapland Handcream which smells amazingly like arctic berries! There was a ByTerry Khol Eyeliner (£24), which is in a gorgeous golden shade called Golden Ornament, will be brilliant for sparkly gold festive eyes! Finally there was also a My Little Beauty Save My Nails Strengthening Treatment (£7), can't wait to give it a try!

Are you subscribed to My Little Box?


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  1. I love My Little Box, I used to be subscribed but I was getting too much skincare / make up stuff and I wanted to save money so I stopped but anyway this box is great! especially for the mug & the pin!! so cute !


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