Mexico Travel Photo Diary | Part 2

This is part 2 to my Mexico Travel Photo Diary, don't forget to catch up on Part 1! I mentioned details of our hotel etc over on my last post, this time I'm dedicating it to one of the excursions we went on during our trip. A lot of the excursions were water based and I don't really like the water or swimming so we tried to find something that was a little more than just zip lining into the water! We settled on X-Caret, an eco park about 15 minutes from our hotel. Focusing on nature and archaeology. 

I'm not at all a fan of zoos, I don't ethically agree with them, however X-Caret focuses on creating an ecological environment for the plants and animals here, meaning it's not really like a zoo and isn't solely focused on animals. Along with the handful of animals they have here they have a lot of flora and fauna, natural cenotes to swim in etc. They also have archaeological sites. The park is huge and we spent a good 8 hours here. We started off by walking through the high butterfly enclosure and into the aviary (Steven happened to get attacked by a turkey hahaha). The birds really were just doing their own thing and had a natural habitat to fly around in. 

Included in the archaeological sites there was a traditional Mexican cemetery. The gravestones were so elaborate, colourful and amazing to look at. They were so personalised and I thought it was a really lovely way to honour someone after they've died. There was a lot here about the Mayan culture which I found really interesting. Included in our ticket was a buffet lunch, they have 7 restaurants, we went for a Mexican one and it was actually a lot nicer than we thought. 

Something I was really excited to see was the manatees! I was a little concerned Steven didn't know what a manatee was! I love them and I was so excited to see them swimming around in their open air pools. They were so cute! I even went away with a cuddly one from the gift shop, I couldn't resist! Something else we were rally looking forward too was the turtles! They were huge and had a lovely large open air area. You could get right up close to them and they were so cute when they came up for water. Remember to come back for my next post when I'll tell you about how amazing it was to snorkel with them in the sea! Amazing to see them in the wild. 

Pretty much the number one thing people come here to do is swim in the natural cenotes. They're naturally occurring pool of freshwater. I don't like the water and was a little apprehensive at first, when I was strapped into the lifejacket I started feeling panicky and claustrophobic, so we decided on the track with less caves in. Once I was in with my flippers on it wasn't too bad. The water was really cold and after thrashing around in the water for a while I really enjoyed swimming through all the gorgeous scenery, pretending I didn't see the hundreds of bats in a cave above my head! It's quite expensive for a ticket here, but it's a full day and there's loads to do, I'd definitely recommend it! Keep your eyes peeled for my next travel posts coming soon! 



  1. It looks like you had a lovely time! xx

  2. Stunning photographs Katie - I absolutely adore Mexico x

  3. beautiful pictures. Such a dreamy holiday you had :)


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