DIY Pin & Patch Denim Jacket

For the past few months I've seen customising your denim jacket creeping back into fashion, which is something I am extremely happy about! I love customising anything and I had such a fun time trawling the internet looking for the best pins and patches I could get my hands on. Now I am about 80% happy with my jacket, I'd like a few more for the back but for now I thought I'd share what I've picked up so far incase you're looking for some inspiration! Luckily I have a mother who was a teenager in the 70's so she was more than obliging to help me iron on my patches! 

Futurama Planet Express Patch (Destiny One have loads of good film/TV themed patches!)
Back To The Future Pin (La Barbuda have so many quirky products!)

X Files Pin (I'm sure you've heard of Punky Pins, they're great!)

Death Becomes Her Pin (they don't have this one in stock, they have loads of other cool bits though!)

As you can probably see I went for an eclectic mix of bits and pieces, I love film/TV themes and anything to do with dogs, or food...Mostly they're from Etsy or independent shops which are great to support, for cheaper options definitely check out eBay!



  1. I've collected loads of badges and pins over time so this has definitely inspired me to do the same! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lotte |

  2. This is soo cool I love it - I recently bought some patches from Depop and they're pretty cool!

    Lucy | Forever September


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