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Me and Steven love to venture out for restaurant week, I'm a self confessed bargain hunter so a load of restaurants offering deals is right up my street! We already tried Lane 7 earlier in the week so don't forget to check out that post if you haven't already! For our second trip we decided on Fat Buddha. We've been here before and it wasn't great, we were sat downstairs in pretty much the bar area surrounded by big groups of people and it was pretty rowdy, but we thought we'd give it another go. I couldn't resist a Ginger Ninja cocktail, although it did remind me of those ones you get on holiday with a little umbrella...

We were off to a good start when we were shown upstairs (I could hear the hallelujah chorus!), it's actually really nice up here. The deal was 2 courses for £15 after 7pm or £10 before, it's not the best deal I've seen but their food is generally quite expensive. For starters I went for the only vegetarian option (more on that later) of Vegetable Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce, they were yummy as expected. Steven went for the Satay Chicken Skewers which he really enjoyed. 

So onto mains, this is where I was realised that there were no vegetarian options...obviously I don't eat meat, only prawns very rarely if there isn't anything else for me, so my only option was the Malaysian Prawn Curry, not sure how they can get away with not offering anything without meat! The dishes are served with a choice of steamed rice, egg fried rice or diced potatoes. I went for the egg fried rice. My curry was advertised as medium hot, it wasn't at all spicy and I mean at all! Steven doesn't like spicy food and even he said it wasn't at all spicy, so that was a strange one! My meal was tasty, although I don't know what made it Malaysian, it was literally just like curry you get from your local Chinese. There wasn't anything wrong with it, the portion sizes were good, it just didn't blow my mind. 

Steven went for the Honey Chilli Chicken, again with egg fried rice. He enjoyed his and thought it was nice enough although he thought there was a lack of sauce, which you really need if you're serving things with rice. Overall there wasn't anything wrong with our visit (apart from the veggie option!), our food all tasted nice it just wasn't very exciting and felt like we were eating a takeaway, they didn't scrimp on portion sizes which some places do during restaurant week so that was good. I think the deal was good although I wouldn't return again and pay full price. The service was good and everything came really quickly I was just a little underwhelmed which was disappointing as the setting is lovely.  

Have you been to the Fat Buddha?


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