Read & Reviewed #15

I'm over halfway through my Goodreads reading challenge, can you even believe it's August?! I think I'm on track and have read about 26 of 50 books this year, so I thought I'd talk you through the last 3 books that I read and what I thought of them! 

This is the follow on book from Me Before You and is based around Louisa, who you'll know if you've read the first, who's ended up working in an airport bar, feeling like she hasn't fulfilled her promise to Will. I absolutely loved Me Before You, Lou was such a great character and it was nice you see her with a new storyline, I'll now ruin it for you but if you liked the first I'd recommend giving this a read. 

Set around the Tide family and sisters Cassie and Dora it follows their stories from the past and present and of a terrible accident that haunted them ever since. If you're a fan of mystery thriller books this one's for you, although a little predictable the character development really keeps you enthralled. 

If you've read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, you'll know the main character writes fan fiction about Simon Snow, their equivalent of Harry Potter. This book is all about Simon Snow and the magical universe. I didn't mind this book, I kind of felt it was trying too hard. I like the idea of the connection between her books, but I don't think it was executed very well. I just wasn't bothered about the characters and their background wasn't explained well, it's a shame because I love her other books. 


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  1. I really want to read Me Before You and After You because I've seen the movie and I loved it! x


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