North East Visits | Traditional & Gentleman's Afternoon Tea at The Vermont Hotel Newcastle

As a little treat after my graduation, my boyfriend Steven treat me to a spot of Afternoon Tea. We wanted somewhere in town so we could have a gander around the NE1 Motor Show too, so we decided on The Vermont Hotel. It's somewhere we've looked at going before but never have, it also offers a Gentleman's Afternoon Tea option which was right up Steven's street, he doesn't have the sweet tooth that I do! They serve it here daily from 1-5pm. 

We'd pre-booked and on arrival we were seated in a lovely room with big chairs and comfy sofas, right next to the castle. Both of the Afternoon Tea's were £19.95 per person, which as Afternoon Teas go is on the expensive side (in the North East anyway!), although I suppose it's no more than you'd pay for a nice lunch! 

We'll start with the Gentleman's Afternoon Tea, I'm always asking Steven to go for tea with me, although it's kind of a tradition that me and my mam have. But after looking at the menu here, he was sold! I completely think this one is value for money and I think Steven would agree. The menu online isn't completely up to date, this one came with a Vermont burger, ploughmans, scotch egg and fries, along with a plate of desserts. 

When we got there menu stated only a choice tea or coffee was available with the tea (although the online menu offers Wylam Ale), but Steven ordered a pint of beer anyway instead and they didn't charge him extra for it which was good. The burger is supposed to be mini but it was pretty sizeable! He really enjoyed this and I think it's a nice for someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth! Although this also came with a plate of desserts the same as the traditional, so it's a lot for your money!

So onto the Traditional Afternoon Tea, there was an option of tea or coffee, I went with the boring option of English Breakfast tea, but it's my fave and was Ringtons! Something that bugs be a bit about places like this is that the setting is so lovely then you get those crap metal teapots and rubbish cups, maybe I'm a crockery snob! The tea came with 4 sandwiches, salmon & cucumber, egg & cress, ham & mustard, coronation chicken. Then there were two warm scones, one plain and one fruit, a big scoop of clotted cream and a few mini jars of jam.

For puddings there was a little coffee mousse type thingy with a chocolate spoon, which was cute, this was really yummy. There was a mini pistachio macaron, a chocolate straw, a little white chocolate tart which was probably my favourite! Then there was a lemon and poppyseed cake, which I thought definitely didn't have enough lemon and wasn't really sweet enough, the poppy seeds made it taste a bit savoury. 

Overall I had a nice afternoon here, the setting and service were both great. Steven loved his Gentleman's and would definitely recommend it, I thought it looked great too. Although I enjoyed mine I think for the price which is quite expensive in my opinion it was a little uninspiring, typical hotel china, and unfortunately some things were a little bland, I definitely don't think it should be the same price as the gentleman's, but it's still a nice treat and a nice choice right in the city centre. 

Have you been to The Vermont Hotel?



  1. I agree, it really annoys me when a posh place has a rubbish tea pot. Steven's afternoon tea looks delicious!

    Katie x

  2. I really like the food at the Vermont, I had their Christmas afternoon tea a few years ago and it was really good!

    Steve should try the Gentleman's Tea at Bonbar next, it's SO good!


  3. I haven't been here yet but it looks lovely. I am on the look out for a good afternoon tea for my birthday so will have to have a look at this


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