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Just a quick one from me today. If you saw my US Beauty Haul you'll know my dad kindly picked up some bits and pieces for me when he was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Alongside a big old list for Sephora I did of course have a couple of other lifestyle type bits that I wanted. 

Firstly I'll start off with Bath & Body Works. I've been lusting after their candles for the longest time and now I have some the need for more is even stronger! I might look into getting some of their Autumn/Winter ones shipped over! I told my dad to just wing it, my favourite type of candles are Christmas type sweet/foodie ones, but in Summer I thought it was more appropriate to get some sweet fruity ones. I got Watermelon Lemonade, so so good! And Strawberry Vanilla, amazing! I swear you light them for an hour and it's all you can smell all week! 

I also had my dad pop into the branch of Carlo's Bakery in the Venetian to see what he could get me. If anyone watches Cake Boss then you'll know how exciting this is! I've watched it for years and would love to go to the original shop in Hoboken New Jersey, but having merchandise you can't get in the UK is still as exciting and he picked me up a t-shirt! 


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  1. I love Bath & Body Works candles! They're definitely the best scented ones that I've tried. I love their Christmas ones. I stocked up on loads last year so still have some sitting in my cupboards - amazing!

    Kirsty - Life in Excess


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