Review | Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette

When my dad was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks back, he very kindly picked me up some beauty bits and pieces I'd asked for. I was so excited that this gorgeous Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette was one of them! We all know I love a gimmick but honestly I thought not only was the packaging of this product so unique and beautiful, the colours were actually gorgeous and super wearable! I'm not a massive Alice in Wonderland fan, I didn't actually like the first film, so I really didn't pick this up because of that, I genuinely think the shades in this palette are beautiful, and there are definitely some I don't have in my draw stuffed full of palettes. 

I knew that I wouldn't need to question the quality of the eyeshadows, from the ones I've tried they're just as buttery as Urban Decay eyeshadows always are! The pigmentation and colour payoff is great, there is a little fallout but that's expected. They're all so wonderfully blendable and as I mentioned earlier, 90% of the shades are so wearable! Something that doesn't happen often with limited edition palettes. I think the draw idea looks great, but it's a little awkward when you're actually using the palette and I think for the size of this huge palette, the mirror could easily be a bit bigger. Apart from that I've been so pleased with this palette, also I find the brushes that come with Urban Decay palettes are actually really good too! 

Did you pick up anything from the Alice Through the Looking Glass collection?



  1. The packaging looks so stunning holy moly :o

  2. This is such a gorgeous palette! I've been wanting to get it for ages and now I can't find it anywhere x

  3. I've had my eye on this palette because it just looks amazing - the colours and the packaging is too adorable!

    Lucy | Forever September

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