North East Visits | Wylam Brewery Launch Newcastle

Recently me and Steven went along to the opening weekend of Wylam Brewery's new premises. They've recently moved and refurbished the Palace of the Arts in Exhibition Park. I've only ever known this gorgeous old building to be shut down as the old military vehicles museum, so it's really nice seeing it at it's full potential, they've done a fab job of doing it up while retaining charm.

After paying £5 on the door, we arrived totally ravenous, as usual! So we ventured outside to where the food trucks were parked. Inside was Longhorns (not so good for a veggie!) and outside was Scream for Pizza and The Fat Hippo, which we are strangers to neither! We decided first on pizza, I got the Margherita and Steven went for the Blue Shroom, both cooked with a proper pizza oven, loads of cheese, sweet tomatoes and super delicious! 

After polishing those off we had a round of drinks, I'm not a beer drinker at all, it's not for me, but luckily there was also a Jack Cain Gin cocktail stand, I went for a Lilac Sour, gin, sweet raspberry and lychee liqueurs shaken with fresh raspberries, lemon and sugar. Steven loves his ales so was super excited to try their offerings and he tried Hickey the Rake, a pale ale and Keep Taking the Pilsner, he really liked both. 

After feeling like we could still squeeze something in we couldn't resist The Fat Hippo, Steven went for his favourite, The Little Hippo, their classic burger and I chose the Veggie Burger, we also had a side of fries. This was a pretty good offering for a veggie burger, it reminded me of an onion bahji and came with sweet chilli sauce! 

I also picked up a bottle to take home for my dad as it's his birthday this week, I chose a bottle of Hickey the Rake from Stevens recommendation. I really like the whole set up of the brewery here, I think the stage area looks great and has the whole retro feel going on. I'd like to know what other events they'll have here in the future as I'm sure it will be really popular!

We had a really nice time here, the setting is just gorgeous and we had a lovely mosey back to the car walking around the lake in the sunshine. I think it's something really different to have here and I'm sure it will do really well. The decor is really nice, I love the retro feel, it's definitely a must visit for beer lovers!



  1. My colleague went on the first ever brewery tour there and was raving over it. It looks fantastic as a venue and I remember the military museum too!

  2. It looks so great! I can't wait to go check it out. Pleased to see it in more detail.

  3. I didn't even know this place had reopened, I always wanted to go in when I was younger! Definitely need to check this place out, bet it's great in the summer. Those pizzas look lush though, wish they were there all the time! xx

    Tamz |


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