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Last Wednesday me and Steven went to see Sarah Millican at the Tyne Theatre, we've been lucky enough to see her once before and honestly she's hilarious, if you get a chance to go and see her then do! I was crying! We popped out for tea beforehand and went to Cabana Brasilian Barbecue. We went to the Launch Night which was fab and we wanted to get a proper taste of the food! We were there during happy hour where the cocktails were 2 for 1 so we started off with a Blueberry & Acai Caipirinha which was super refreshing. 

A shoutout to our lovely server Jen, she was so nice, really attentive and made sure we were enjoying everything as well as giving food recommendations. For starters I had the Salt Cod Fritters, they were like little fishcakes and were really yummy. Steven went for the new Spicy Malagueta Chicken Doughnuts, he couldn't stop going on about the cheesy ones from the launch night so these were just a step up and he really enjoyed them. 

For mains I went for the Crispy Lula Squid Burger, I've never seen this kind of thing ever before, although there might be a reason for that! The squid was well cooked and I'll admit worked well with the bun, but the salt and pepper on the squid and the mix of the lime mayo made it far too salty for me, I could've drank a gallon of water! Steven chose the Cabana Steak Skewer on Jens recommendation, he chose fries and Rio Beans as sides. He thought the meat was really well cooked, just as he'd asked for, I tasted the beans which were full of flavour!

Finally after another round of cocktails, this time we went for the Red Tail Parrot which was delicious, we browsed the pudding menu. I really wanted to try the Chocolate Raindrop Doughnuts, but we were far too full! I also thought the Cabana Cheesecake and the Brasilian Chocolate Cake sounded great too, in hindsight I probably should've chosen one of those, but we decided on the Brasilian Overload Sundae, made with caramel choc chip and white chocolate “CupuaƧu” ice creams with “Brigadeiro” chocolate truffles and doce de leite caramel sauce. It tasted delicious but it was obvious they had been made in advance and kept in the freezer as the ice cream was pretty rock hard so that was really disappointing. It's not the cheapest here and there were a few niggles but I'd definitely go back to try some other things, as the service and vibe are both great. 



  1. I love your restaurant reviews! Shame about your burger - hopefully the other things on the menu are a little better. Cocktails look fab x

    Katie |

  2. This is fourth Cabana Brasillian review I have seen this week, I have yet to visit but I really want to after reading all the reviews. It is a shame about your burger and the rock hard ice-cream though. The food does look delicious though and those cocktails sound fab x


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