Read & Reviewed #13

I've still been squeezing in reading whenever I can, in-between stressing about finishing university, plans to put up my degree show work, thinking about self-employment plans and just getting a part time job! So here is a little round up of the last 3 books I've read! 

Set around best friends Caddy and Rosie and a girl called Suzanne who walks into their lives and changes them forever. I really enjoyed this book, I found the dynamic between the characters to be really interesting and I'm sure any girl can relate to the relationships. 

Madeline is allergic to everything and her home is her bubble, but when Olly moves in next door, her outlook on life completely changes. I loved this book, again I found the themes very relatable. There's unexpected twists in this book, full of humour, romance and everything in-between. 

Zoe has a terrible secret and the only person she can talk to about it is Stuart, a prisoner on Death Row in America. Again I loved this book, I found the character development to be right on point. Again the dynamic is definitely relatable and it's such a page turner, you're desperate to know what happened but the in-between bits are interesting enough to not become frustrated. 


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  1. All of these books sound amazing! I really need to get some more books to read over summer and I'll definitely be picking up some of these ones x


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