Read & Reviewed #12

I feel like I haven't done one of these posts in ages, although I've been reading lots of books, I've already got my next three finished for the next post, so I have some catching up to do! 

Set around Maisie whose face is partially destroyed after being struck by lightening and goes onto get a face transplant, the book follows her journey. I loved this book, I found Maisie to be really likeable, the book was emotional but really uplifting and I'd definitely recommend it!

After Pearl's mum dies during childbirth, her baby sister to her is "the rat", the book follows her life without her mum and how she learns to accept her sister. I really enjoyed this book, it's real and funny and an interesting point of view to read about. 

Sometime bulk buying books on Amazon based on recommend books means sometimes you buy books that are probably meant for teenagers. I love YA novels and think you can read them at any age but this book might be a little out of my age category! Nevertheless it's a short read about Sam who's 11 years old and has leukaemia. It's funny and honest, sad but also uplifting. 



  1. Faceless sounds like a good read, lovely post! x


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