North East Visits | Weekend Brunch at Tyneside Bar Cafe

For the longest time I've been nagging Steven to go to the Tyneside Bar Cafe for their weekend brunch. Not the one to rise early and go into town, we visited here after my birthday when we stayed in town at Motel One. It was a Saturday so we hoped it wouldn't be too busy, we arrived at about 10:30 and there were plenty of tables to pick from. Their brunch menu is served pretty much all day, the setting here is really nice, I love the retro vibe! So onto the main event! For drinks I went for a pot of tea, living up to that nana standard! Although it was Ringtons so I couldn't say no! I was a little fragile after a night of cocktails! Steven went for a cappuccino. I'll take a minute to say that the staff here are super friendly and polite! 

For food I decided on the Eggs Avocado, this was probably one of the best breakfasts I've had, definitely the best poached eggs I've had! They avocado was served on toasted muffins, topped with the perfectly runny poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, so so delicious, I'd have it again in a heartbeat! Although there were lots of other tempting items on the menu! Steven went for the I want to say Tyne Breakfast? It's not on their online menu! It was cubed potatoes, mushroom, black pudding, bacon steak, toast, sausage and fried eggs. Steven asked for scrambled and they were very happy to do them instead! He really enjoyed his breakfast too. I wouldn't hesitate to go back here, I'd definitely recommend a visit! 



  1. That looks great. I'll check out that eggs avocado next time we go for brunch!

  2. I need to get myself here! I love a lazy Saturday brunch and this looks delicious! Rosie

  3. I keep meaning to visit here but never get around to it. I really must visit in the next few weeks with my teen xx


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