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This is the third year in a row we've gone to the Tynemouth Food Festival and it never disappoints, although saying that this year seemed to be way way busier than previous years, I put it down to the good weather! Luckily there weren't queues to get in, normally we pre-book tickets but since they were the same price online as on the day this year we just waited, it's £3.50 each. We mooched around and most queues were humongous or didn't have veggie options so first we settled on Papa Ganoush, a safe favourite! While I was queuing Steven, who was mildly hungover went to Pizzette and came back with a wild boar pizza (I swear he just tries to freak me out!) anyway it looked super tasty. 

So 45 minutes later we arrived at the front of the Papa Ganoush queue, I told you it was busy! I normally wouldn't have waited that long but there wasn't anything else I really fancied. I went for the old faithful Falafel Wrap and Steven had his favourite Chicken Shawarma. They both come with lots of yummy salad bits and a choice of sauces, they were delicious as always. I also ordered some Halloumi Fries too, I could eat halloumi all day everyday if I could so they went down really well! They were coated in a crumb and deep fried and I chose the garlic sauce, so delicious! 

I seriously can't resist The Doughnut Guy (cheeky!), everywhere we go I have to get some doughnuts, they're the best I've had! They're so crisp on the outside and amazingly fluffy in the middle and don't get me started on the toppings! I almost went for the lemon sauce with meringue pieces but I stuck to what I always get, salted caramel sauce and pecans, just as yummy as it sounds! After a trip around the food stalls and purchasing a few treats, we enjoyed some frozen yoghurt in the sun! 


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