North East Visits | Sunday Lunch at Vallum Farm

Something that bothers me about being a vegetarian is the vegetarian choice in a restaurant on a Sunday. Just because I don't eat meat doesn't mean I don't want a Sunday lunch with all the trimmings! I hate hate hate the menu being full of roasts then the veggie option being pasta or risotto! So I often have to try quite hard to find somewhere that does a roast but with a vegetarian sausage/nut roast or something similar! Luckily Vallum Farm fulfilled my veggie Sunday lunch dreams!

 It's somewhere I've been meaning to visit for a while, last weekend me and Steven had a night away in Hexham and on the way back we decided to go here for Sunday lunch. I'd recommend booking a table as it's popular. The setting is lovely, we almost got seated in the back room squeezed in next to a huge table of about 10 people and 5 screaming children, a tiny window with the view of the inside of a shed, but after asking if there was a table in the room with the gorgeous views and huge windows luckily there was and we got seated there! I don't think I would have enjoyed the meal half as much if I'd been sat in there. 

After being brought over a jug of water I ordered a diet coke and Steven tried the Vallum Ale, it was a pale ale and he really enjoyed it, even I thought it tasted nice! I didn't fancy a starter but Steven went for the Truffled Goats Cheese with Textures of Beetroot, it was like something from Masterchef! Steven really enjoyed it and the taste I had was so nice! 

Onto the main event! Steven went for the lamb (not without me complaining about the lovely little lambs we'd just seen!) and I chose the Sunflower Loaf of Cheddar with Thyme and Breadcrumbs, I wasn't entirely sure what this was or if it would be served with all the trimmings, but hallelujah it was! They both came with Yorkshire pudding, braised red cabbage, garden greens, buttered carrot, bashed swede, rustic roasties and gravy. It's probably one of the best Sunday lunches I've had, my cheesy bake thing was super yummy, Steven really enjoyed his lamb too!

Finally I couldn't resit a Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream, no regrets! It was so so good! I'd definitely recommend a visit here, it's £15.50 for 2 courses so not bad at all! It's a bit fancier than run of the mill lunches so the price is reasonable and the food is super tasty without having tiny portions or being pretentious. 



  1. I seriously need to go back here, that sticky toffee is the best i'VE ever had!


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