North East Visits | Lola Jeans Newcastle New Menu Launch

On Thursday night me and Steven were kindly invited along to Lola Jeans in Newcastle for their launch of their new menu. We haven't been to this Lola Jeans before but have been to their Tynemouth branch and it was lovely, so we were excited to see what was on offer! The event was held in their Basement Speak area, which has the same lovely decor as upstairs and is available to hire too. We were warmly welcomed with a Lady Eleanor cocktail, which was a mix of pink lady apples, cinnamon, raspberries and prosecco. I was driving so this was my only drink unfortunately, I did taste the others which made me so jealous I couldn't drink them all! Luckily my boyfriend was kind enough to drink mine for me!! We found ourselves a seat, it was the last one left and didn't have a table but at least we weren't standing! 

Soon enough the food started arriving, being brought around on platters I'm sure we picked the best seats as we were first to get everything! It was a little tricky to eat and hold a drink without a table but we managed it! Firstly was Salt & Pepper Calamari which was really tasty, next up was the Surf & Turf which was a skewer of rump steak and garlic prawns. Obviously I couldn't try the meat here (I probably could've told them I don't eat meat but sometimes I eat fish and I don't like to make a fuss and Steven eats meat), but I did try the prawns, they were huge and flavoured so nicely, probably the best prawns I've ever had! Then came the Chicken Parmigiana, breaded chicken, Napoli sauce, rocket and mozzarella. Steven tried this and really enjoyed it. 

After begin served up another cocktail, this time the Endless Summer, this was unreal, I was so sad I could only taste it! It was like a rhubarb and custard sweet! Made from gin, mint, lime, apple and rhubarb, so refreshing! Next up for the food were the Baja Fish Tacos which were so so good! My fave of the night, tempura cod fillet served in a soft tortilla with salsa and Baja sauce, I could've ate 10! Then was the James P Sullivan (cheeky Monsters Inc reference there, love it!), so funny that it's got a pickled onion monster munch on top! The two beef patties came with cheese, rump steak, onions, steak sauce, bbq sauce and red onion jam, not forgetting the monster munch! Steven really enjoyed these! 

Our last cocktail made it's way around, this time it was the China Rose Petal (I think!), it was served in a little teacup, so cute! Finally it was onto dessert! I was really looking forward to trying these, they were Chocolate Spring Rolls! Honestly they were amazing! I've a massive sweet tooth anyway but they were super crispy on the outside with a molten chocolate middle, served with a fruity dip and dusted with cinch sugar, so delicious! We had a fab time trying out the new menu and we will definitely be coming back, I'm drooling over the menu as we speak! I love the whole vibe at Lola's really vintage and laid back but really friendly with delicious unique food! 



  1. Chocolate spring rolls are a new one of me! The cocktails look delicious!

    Jodie //

  2. Fab pics, looks like a great night! I love Lola Jeans and can't wait to try some of those new cocktails!


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