Top 5 Newcastle Student Food Spots

As a student, I'm literally always on a budget, my last EVER student loan just came in, I honestly can't believe I'm finished forever in just a couple of months! But until then I'm still saving my pennies. I'm always on the lookout for cool places to eat in Newcastle without breaking the bank. Walton Robinson who specialise in student accommodation in the North East gave me the challenge of compiling all of my favourite student food spots to visit on a budget, so here are my Top 5!

This one is fairly new to the food scene in Newcastle, located on Grainger Street, this Vietnamese sandwich shop is a great purse friendly spot for lunch. They serve up traditional banhmi sandwiches, summer rolls and more! 

This little restaurant is pretty well known in Newcastle, their spot in the arches beside Central Station is a great place for dinner when you want a pizza that didn't come from the kebab shop! 

This one comes written in the student handbook I think! It's always a student hotspot. Situated in Ouseburn their selling point for me is brunch served until 3pm, if that doesn't bring the student in I don't know what will! It's got a great laid back vibe and the food is really good!

You're feeling worse for wear, my top place for a hangover breakfast to heal you is Quay Ingredient (I would know!). Tucked under the Tyne Bridge this quaint but trendy spot is great to set you up for the day! 

You're looking for a sandwich and are sick of Greggs, if you want something with a fun twist, head to Kracklin. Over on Market Street, another newish addition to the lunch scene in Newcastle, dive into a traditional Reuben sandwich, a grilled cheese or some poutines! 

Where are your favourite Newcastle food spots?

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  1. I know that feeling about the last ever student loan...wait till you get your first letter from them :)

    Time Banhmi is one of my new faves and me and Herby @ the Herb Garden are definitely bros.

    Nice post!

  2. Ah this makes me want to move back to Newcastle even more! I never got to try out Herb Garden before I left =(

    Katie |


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