Prague Beauty & Lifestyle Haul

A couple of weeks ago, me and Steven took a little 3 night city break to Prague. It's somewhere we both wanted to visit, don't forget to check out my Prague Photo Diary posts! We only had hand luggage with us so couldn't go too crazy! So onto the little bits and pieces I brought back - 

Firstly I obviously had to visit Sephora! I'm going to do a separate post on what I picked up in a few days so stay tuned for that! I also took a trip to Tiger when we were in Wenceslas Square. I know there's one in Newcastle now...but I still couldn't resist a visit. It's so cheap and the stuff is lovely! I picked up some Easter themed washi tape to use in my scrapbook and this gorgeous cake slice, which I absolutely love! 

A few weeks ago I smashed a Hard Rock Cafe pint glass that we'd had about 10 years from the one in Edinburgh, so because my mam was so gutted I had to pick a new one up from the cafe in Prague! I also picked up some bits from a shop called Manufaktura which there are a few of in Prague. I picked up some lip balm and hand cream made with Czech beer! I also picked up some delicious looking fruity loose tea. 

Finally we had the worlds cutest gingerbread shop like just around the corner from the apartment so we couldn't resist bringing back some treats! I was so pleased that they all made it back in one piece! I got a little back of ones shaped like beer and some Easter themed ones of little animals! So so cute! 



  1. I love TIGER, they always seem to have new stock in whenever I go! The Easter gingerbread looks good, glad they made it back in one piece!

    Ami x

    1. I'm obsessed with them! Thanks lovely! :) x


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