North East Visits | Daniel Farm & Tearoom Wylam

While flipping through the new Appetite magazine (fab for food in the North East fyi!) I cam across a piece about Daniel Farm in Wylam. Ever ones to be sucked in by the promise of farm animals, me and Steven drove down to check it out. The last time we were in Wylam we visited Bradley Gardens, which is worth a visit, a little further along the same road is Daniel Farm. I don't think it's been open for too long, or the animal park is relatively new anyway! Aside from the animals there's also a farm shop and tearoom, which we obviously had to try!

So to visit the animals it's £3.50 for adults but with that you get a free pot of tea or cup of filter coffee from the tearoom, so you're really only paying about £2 which isn't bad, I think it's £2.50 for children and again you get a free juice or milk etc. The lady offered to take us around the animals as she said they wouldn't come over to us but we just wanted to trot around ourselves. Here they've got cows, sheep (lambs!), alpacas, chickens, donkeys, pigs and goats! Thought I'd split the animal photos up, so more on them later!

The tearoom was super cute, as was the farm shop, I went away with some bread for my mam. There was ample seating and it wasn't too busy despite being a Sunday so we got a seat easily. There were also lots of big tables so good if you've got the whole family. We went in armed with our free tea and coffee tokens and decided what we wanted to order. The food and drinks were super reasonable here, I often go to tearooms where the prices are extortionate just because they know people will pay it!

 Ever the one to choose the savoury option Steven went for the panini of the day which was sausage, red onion and cheddar, it was £5.25 which I think is a great deal, it was a huge portion with salad, coleslaw and crisps. He said it was really nice too, even if he was eating a pal of the poor piggies we'd just seen! Just look at that cake display! Although I'd been stuffing my face with Easter chocolate, I still wanted a piece of cake, I chose the salted caramel slice which was around £2, I couldn't believe the size of the slab I was served! It was so so good as well!  

So a little more about the animals, their pens were super spacious but if you want to get up close definitely go around with the lady. I reckon if people were allowed to feed the animals like at Whitehouse Farm they'd want to come up to you. So while the goats ran away from us our saving grace were the super cute and friendly ginger pigs! So we spent a good while just stroking them, seriously farm animals just warm my heart, I wish I owned a little petting farm! We were the only people going around the animals which was nice, not having to wade through children. I think that's because it's pretty new so get down while it's still quiet! It's a nice little day out and I'd definitely recommend a visit!



  1. This sounds so cute, animals and a tearoom! Will have to give it a visit x

  2. I'm obsessed with Appetite magazine! I end up writing lists upon lists of places I want to visit!


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