My Travel Bucket List

Travel has to be my favourite hobby, people who don't have any desire to see the world boggle my mind! Travel is always top of my list when it comes to budgeting money, I always try to save and put away to go on a new adventure. Me and Steven are heading to Mexico for 2 weeks in September and I can't wait! I've only ever been to Europe so that's super exciting for me, I can't wait to travel to further out places once I have more money and I'm not a struggling student anymore! So here are a few places that are on my travel bucket list! 

1. Florida -
As you can probably tell from the photograph, when I went to Paris last year, the Disneyland bug bit me hard! It was my first time and now I'm desperate to go to Orlando and do Disneyworld, Universal etc, I just really want to go to America! 

2. West Coast USA (LA, San Fransisco, Las Vegas) -
I can't wait to do a road trip of the West Coast of America. I really want to rent a car and stay in cool AirBnB's around LA, drive to San Fransisco and spend time in Las Vegas! 

3. Tokyo
I've always wanted to go to Japan, I love the culture and would love to be immersed in somewhere totally different to my life at home! 

4. Scandinavia -
I've briefly been to Sweden but I'd love to visit there again, along with Norway and Denmark. 

5. East Coast USA
I would love to visit New York, but I also really want to go to Maine, New Jersey, Vermont and Massachusetts. I'd love to go at Halloween, I'm super interested in the Salem witch trials and I just dream of sitting eating lobster in Maine! 

6. Iceland
I always see amazing photos of the lagoons, black sand beaches and northern lights and would love to visit here, it looks so dreamy !

7. Hawaii
I think 50 First Dates and Forgetting Sarah Marshall influences this a bit! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii! 

8. Russia
This is another one I've wanted to go to for ages, I'd love to visit Moscow, I imagine myself in a humongous fur (faux obviously!), a big furry hat, in the snow drinking ice cold vodka, a girl can dream! 

9. Brazil
The Rio carnivals is something I've always wanted to see, I just think the whole vibe would be amazing! 

10. The Maldives
This one is definitely a honeymoon contender, I literally dream of staying in one of those rooms that are on the water!

11. Canada
Again another place I'd love to wrap up and go to, I'd love to see Niagara Falls!

12. Jamaica
This is another one where I'd love to soak up the culture, to be honest I'd love to go anywhere in the Caribbean! 

13. Italy
I've been to a lot of places in Europe but haven't managed Italy yet, I'd love to travel the country for a couple of weeks and see Rome, Venice, Pisa and the Amalfi Coast. 

14. Thailand
Ever since I watched The Beach I knew I wanted to go to Thailand, hopefully I wouldn't have the same experience! But seeing all the islands and beaches would be amazing!

15. Egypt
When I was little I was OBSESSED with Ancient Egypt! I've always wanted to see the pyramids and found the history fascinating! 

16. Vietnam
Since studying about Vietnam at A Level I've found the culture really interesting, I'd love to see the sights and soak in the culture. 

17. Morocco
My mam told be one of her favourite places she's visited is Morocco, again with the culture I think it looks so interesting, bright and colourful! 

Whats on your travel bucket list?


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