Lush Good Egg Gift Set | Easter 2016

So this post isn't very seasonal! But for my birthday a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend got me the Good Egg gift set from Lush! I saw him and fell in love, he's so sweet! Even with that creepy side eye! So I'm a little late to the party but I couldn't not share all the lovely bits that came in the set! 

Firstly is the Golden Egg Bath Melt, (soak in a toffee scented bath of molten gold and cocoa butter), I've had this one before and loved it, it makes your skin so soft, although beware you and your bathroom will be covered in glitter for the foreseeable future!

Next is the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, (saccharine shades and comforting candy fragrance will tickle you pink), again I've had this one before, I'm obsessed with the candy scent, it's like Snow Fairy! 

Onto The Comforter Bubble Bar Mini, (Berry yourself under a blackcurranty blanket of bubbles and let this fruity little number put your world to rights), I love the comforter, it's one of my favourites, I love this little mini version! 

Then is the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, (no dragons were harmed in the making of this popping candy egg with mood brightening lemon and bergamot), this is another I've had before, I love the scent and all the hidden colours! 

Next is the Brightside Bubble Bar Mini, (always look on the citrus side of life with tangerine, mandarin and zesty bergamot), I haven't tried this one before but the fruity scent is fab! Also love how this is a mini version too! 

Finally is my favourite of the bunch, Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb, (crack a smile as you break open this sweet, caramel scented, bergamot and Brazilian orange oil bomb), this boy is so cute! I love that there's an egg inside him, although he's too cute to break apart! 

Have you tried any of these Lush products?


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