Haircare Routine for Bleached Hair

I've had bleached hair for a few years now and it really does take a lot of maintenance. Naturally I have dark brunette hair and as you can see from my photos I'm pretty much platinum blonde. I thought I would share with you which products I use on my hair to make sure it's not dry as a bone! 

I normally wash my hair twice a week, I have pretty dry hair which doesn't get greasy at all so I don't need to wash it any more than that. So for the first wash of the week I'll use my silver shampoo and conditioner to keep away the brassy tones (imagine a world without brassy tones!). I'm planning on going silver/grey soon so I've been putting a load of silver tones on lately. If I've got some conditioner left from my hair dye I'll use that as it's purple and super nourishing. To dye my roots I use the L'Oreal Feria Extreme Platinum Powder. 

For my second wash of the week I like to concentrate more on nourishing and repairing my hair. I absolutely love the Garnier Ultimate Blends, my favourite is the Sleek Restorer one. I also like to use a hair mask after shampooing, I've recently been using the Bleach London Restoration Mask which is amazing! 

After my hair is washed I like to coat the lengths and ends in Moroccan Oil, this helps untangle the hair too. Speaking of untangling my all time favourite has to be The Wet Brush. I heard about this from Lily Pebbles and also as a child I used to cry getting my hair brushed, I think it's just prone to getting knotty. I wish I'd had this brush, it glides through with hardly any tugging at all, would definitely recommend it! For when my hair is dry I use my Tangle Teaser. 

What are your favourite haircare products?



  1. I swear by the Touch of Silver range, I've tried some more expensive silver shampoos and they're still the best in my opinion (especially the smaller Brightening bottles) :)

    Claire | xx

    1. Totally agree, they're the best I've used! :) xx


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