What I've Been Watching | March 2016

As I've mentioned before I'm a serial binge watcher! This month I've got some recommendations of bits and pieces I've been watching, some films and some TV shows. I'm gutted this month to say that Netflix have really been cracking down on users using DNS codes to watch other countries Netflix, so goodbye to the amazingness that was US Netflix! So I've been turing to my other outlets like Sky and Amazon Prime! 

Films - 

Man of Steel - 
I eventually got around to watching this, when I'm writing this it's just a couple of days before Batman vs Superman and I thought I'd need a little context. I really enjoyed it, it went on a little long but now I'm super excited to see B vs S!

Inside Out - 
I couldn't wait for this to eventually come onto Sky, I love love loved it when I saw it at the cinema and it's just as great watching it a second time, it's definitely one of my all time favourite Pixar films! 

Mad Max: Fury Road - 
Again another one I couldn't wait to come out on Sky, I again absolutely loved this at the cinema and I'm still obsessed with it. If you like films that are a bit alternative I'd definitely recommend this! So strange full of action and Tom Hardy, just the whole package! 

How to Train Your Dragon 1&2 - 
Me and Steven hadn't seen either of these, so over the week we watched them both and totally fell in love with them. The stories are interesting the characters are fun and they're just sweet easy films to watch, I'm 100% sure I want a dragon now! 

Cloverfield - 
Last week me and Steven went to see 10 Cloverfield Lane, the second Cloverfield film (which was so so good btw, go and see it!), saying that it's absolutely nothing like the first one, I wanted a refresh before I saw the second, although this one is still good. Basically huge aliens in New York...

TV Shows - 

Game of Thrones - 
I'm still catching up with Game of Thrones, I'm trying to finish season 5 so I can watch the new one when it comes on in April. I didn't think GOT would be for me, I don't tend to like fantasy type stuff, but it isn't at all like how I thought it would be, just watch it! 

The Walking Dead - 
I'm currently watching the new season on Sky, I'm about to watch the season finale, I'm just as hooked as I was when I first started watching. I love things with zombies in anyway but the characters in this are just so well developed it's like you live there! So so good! 

The A Word -
 This one has just started over on BBC 1, it's about a little boy with Autism, I've only seen the first episode but it looks like it'll be great, it's a drama with some comedy too, I love shows like that. 

The People vs OJ Simpson - 
This one makes me want to put my head through a wall. I knew about the trail anyway but seeing just how ridiculous the whole thing was and knowing the outcome makes me want to die. It's so interesting, it's on BBC 2 and I'd definitely recommend it. 

Masterchef - 
I've been an avid watcher of Masterchef for years and this one is no different, I love cookery shows and it's just easy midweek watching! 


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  1. I can't even watch the People vs OJ because it annoys me a little bit, although I have pretty much watched all six series of the Good Wife, that one is amazing! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue


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