Prague Photo Diary | Day 2

So onto our second day in Prague! Don't forget to check out Day 1! We started off the day with breakfast at Cukrkavalimonada, try pronouncing that one! Like I said before, I did a lot of research and had a pretty planned out itinerary, so I knew where we wanted to eat already, and here looked great! I had a homemade lemonade with mint, which was so Pinterest worthy! Steven had a chocolatey cappuccino type thing, for food I went for the Apple Pancake, which was the size of a huge plate, so so yummy! Steven had a continental style breakfast with ham, eggs, smoked salmon, cheese and bread. 

After our breakfast our main plan for the day was a trip to Prague castle, after almost passing out from the amount of stairs to get up there, there were some fantastic views! The tickets here come in lots of different types, (also don't forget your student card, my ticket was half price!) we chose Circuit A which meant we had access to pretty much every part of the castle, including St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, The Story of Prague Castle exhibition, St. George's Basilica and Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower. It was pretty spectacular to see, some amazing architecture. 

Golden Lane was one of my favourite parts of the castle, the tiny, quirky, fairytale like houses were inhabited by defenders of the castle, like goldsmiths, marksmen and servants. The tiny houses were occupied until World War II, but care was taken to ensure that the picturesque character of the Lane was not changed in the course of modifications. From 1916 to 1917 house No. 22 was inhabited by the writer Franz Kafka. The houses are now either gift shops or set up like the houses originally were, I know I'm small but even I'd be cramped in there! 

I'd definitely recommend a visit to Prague Castle, it's really interesting and there's loads to see, even just to see the views all over Prague is really lovely. We were lucky and went on a gorgeous sunny clear day. For lunch we went to a little place called Maso A Kobliha, (I only found out after that maso means meat in Czech, vegetarian problems!) the places had cute tapas style dishes, we both had Fried Cheese Sliders, I had a side of Brussel Sprouts (sounds weird but that were so good!) and Steven had some Ham & Cheese Croquettes, all super yummy. 

After moseying back to the apartment to chill on the balcony and watch the gorgeous sunset over the castle, we got ready for dinner at Lehka Hlava, which is a vegetarian restaurant, a little to Steven's dismay who is a total carnivore (I'm still trying to get him to watch Cowspiracy!), although he was pleasantly surprised by the menu so he earned some boyfriend points there! Lehka Hlava means Clear Head and the vibe was distinctly hippy which I liked. We both started off with Pitta Pizzas then I went for the Vegetable Skewers with smoked tofu potato gratin, it was so good! Steven went for the Grilled Goats Cheese with potato gratin and he was impressed! The service here was a little hectic but still a nice night. 

To finish off our night we went to a cocktail bar called Anonymous, themed on the hackers of the same name. The face of Anonymous and V for Vendetta was all over the place and it was hidden through a courtyard lit with lantern and was a little creepy not going to lie! The vibe in here was nice, the service was friendly (for a change!), although the cocktails were quite overpriced although there were some super quirky ones we didn't get to try. We walked back through the Old Town Square looking gorgeous all lit up! Stay tuned for Day 3!


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