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Quay Ingredient is a place I've heard so many good things about! I'm a breakfast person through and through, if I was made of money I'd be up every morning getting breakfast somewhere! My boyfriend however isn't the breakfast person I wish he was! Steven doesn't really see the appeal, although it's safe to say after our visit here I have swayed him to the breakfast dark side! Hidden under the Tyne Bridge (just next to the GB Cupcakery) it's obvious why people love it here so much! 

We decided here for breakfast after our night out at Browns & Motel One for Valentine's Day. Having breakfast in town is a rare luxury for us, Steven can't deal with having to get up early at the weekend just to drive 15 minutes to get brekky! Although here they do all day breakfast! On arrival we peered in the window and thought "oh shit there's no tables", I did here about the tables being hard to come by! But today was our lucky day and there was a little table for 2 at the back. This was a Monday morning too, god knows what it's like at the weekend! 

I forgot to mention that after 2 bottles of champagne, a glass of Prosecco and 2 cocktails the night before, I was feeling a little fragile...I was hoping a good breakfast would sort me out, which it did! We both chose mochas to drink which were the perfect mix of chocolate and coffee. I didn't fancy something sweet, which isn't at all like me (I think the sweet cocktails from last night were taking their toll!), although the waffles and french toast did sound very appealing, the veggie options weren't bad so I decided on the Eggs Benedict with spinach. Nicely cooked muffin, tasty spinach, runny poached eggs and a gallon of hollandaise sauce, what more could a girl ask for! 

Steven went for the Traditional Full English, with the extra hash browns and beans because he was a very hungry boy! Safe to say he cleaned his plate! I would definitely go back here, it had a nice homely atmosphere but still felt like a little New York hideout. The staff were all friendly even though it was super busy, if I had any niggles it would be that I got my food a good 5 minutes before Steven so we were eating at different times which was a bit annoying, but apart from that it's definitely a great spot! 



  1. Those breakfasts look perfect! I wish more places did breakfast all day - I don't really understand why I'm not allowed to eat eggs after noon, surely that shouldn't be such a big deal?

    1. All day breakfast is just what dreams are made of! x

  2. I used to go here back in the day for breakfast. It was my hangover cure!

    V x

    1. Fab isn't it! Don't know why it took me so long to visit! :) x


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