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On Sunday me and Steven were lucky enough to get to try Turtle Bay in Newcastle just before its official opening. Steven knows someone who works there so we were able to go along as part of the family and friends training days. This meant that we got a 3 course meal each and a side to share for free, we just had to pay for our drinks and fill out a feedback form. I was super excited about this as I'd heard great things about other Turtle Bay's around the country, Steven's been to one in Milton Keynes and only had good things to say! 

Turtle Bay is Caribbean to the core, to my knowledge there aren't any Caribbean restaurants in Newcastle so I'm sure it will be a big hit! I absolutely love the decor! You could easily think you'd been transported to a Jamaican shack on the beach! The exposed brick, neon, fairy lights and bright colours with that industrial feel, I almost whipped out a notebook for my own home decor inspiration! 

For drinks they obviously have a whole host of rum, they also offer 2 for 1 cocktails from 11:30am tim 7pm, then again from 10pm at £6.95 each. Although it was 2pm on a Sunday, Steven took full advantage of the fact I was driving and we didn't have to pay for our food and sampled quite a few... He tried the Marley Mojito, Mai Tai and Beachcomber Zombie (I repeat this was a Sunday afternoon! I'm surprised I didn't have to scrape him off the floor!). I on the other hand went for the ginger beer, which was perfectly yummy. 

So onto our food, for starters I went for the Sweetcorn Fritters, they were super crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. I'm partial to a bit of spice and when I saw the Aunt May sauce on the table I dolloped some on, Aunt May had a trustworthy face, but my God was she fiery! Steven went for the Duck Roll, which he said were full of flavour. The starters are £4.95 each, reasonable for the portion size. Indecently the veggie options here are quite good! 

Onto mains, I went for the Caribbean Curry Fish, this comes under the One Pot section which are £9.65 each. Like I've mentioned although I don't eat meat, I still occasionally eat fish, normally only in restaurants. The one pots are served with rice and peas, mine came with snapper fillet, coconut, mango, Caribbean spices, sweet onion chutney and flatbread. Honestly this is one of the nicest meals I've had, so much flavour and perfectly cooked. Steven went for the Double Dipped Steak from the Jerk Pit BBQ section, which was £14.95, the marinated steak comes with Caribbean slaw and sweet potato fries or mash. Again Steven enjoyed his, he did say the steak was a little chewy but the taste was great. 

Finally onto puds, I get super excited when we have puddings in restaurants. Much to my dismay, Steven doesn't really have much of a sweet tooth, whereas I'm a total pudding fiend! The puddings are £4.85 each, I went for the Caymanas Rum Cake, a huge chunk of cake served with rum caramel and vanilla ice cream, right up my street! It was so light and fluffy, totally to die for! Steven went for the Spiced Chocolate Pot, he's a delicate little lamb and found it a little too spicy, but nice nonetheless! We really enjoyed our meal at Turtle Bay, the decor and atmosphere was great, the service was really friendly and fast, and the food was more than delicious! We will definitely be back! 



  1. Sounds amazing! My sister went to the one in Leeds and really enjoyed it too. I'm hoping they open one in Glasgow soon :-)

  2. I had a Zombie Beachcomber too!

    Your curry sounds amazing. I'm taking Steve in a few weeks and I'm going to try another curry - they are delicious x

  3. Really interesting post, it was nice to hear about your experience at a Caribbean restaurant as I’ve never been to one before. The food looks amazing and you were so lucky to get a meal for free. Thanks for sharing!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. I'd definitely recommend it! Thanks lovely :) xx

  4. I LOVE Turtel Bay I can't wait to return!

    V x


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