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Last week before me and my mam saw Paddy McGuinness at the City Hall we decided to go for a meal at Dabbawal on High Bridge Street in Newcastle. It's somewhere I've been meaning to go for ages, both me and my mam love Indian food and I really liked the idea of little street food tapas style dishes. We visited on a Saturday night, so it was busy but the tables weren't cramped together, although I'd definitely recommend booking a table.

 I've got this new thing where in restaurants if I don't want alcohol I actually look at the soft drinks menu without automatically ordering a diet coke! So I decided on the Bombay Lemonade which was super refreshing, while my mam went for an Elderflower Presse. 

We decided to go for the sharing option of the menu, (you can also get traditional big plates) they recommend 3 tapas and 1 side per person, which I'll just say now is A LOT of food! Since I'd never eaten here before I thought the portions would be much smaller and I did struggle and didn't manage to finish everything. Next time I would definitely get a dish less! 

So onto the food! I decided on the Vegetable Samosa Chaat (£4.95) by far the biggest portion, layers of samosa, chickpeas and onions, super yummy! Kurkuri Lentil Battered Okra (£4.50), super crispy, again a big portion, it's quite salty so was hard to finish! Masala Chips (£2.95), spicy and crispy they went down a treat! Then Paneer & Spinach (£3.95), this was delicious, I'm glad I got this or otherwise the meal would've been quite dry. My mam went for again the Vegetable Samosa Chaat, the Classic Onion Bahjis (£3.95), super crispy and tasty, again huge portions! Chicken Supreme Pakora Fritters (£4.75), obviously I couldn't try these but my mam loved them, a huge plate full! Finally a Butter Naan (£2.50), fluffy and delicious!

We paid £40 for the 2 of us which isn't too bad considering how much food we had! Like I said we would definitely get one dish less if we go back. All of the dishes were delicious and they have some great vegetarian options, in fact most of the dishes were veggie! (I hear the majority of people in India are vegetarians). The restaurant decor was really nice, it was so busy I couldn't get a decent photo! The service was fast and friendly, there was only one cock up where we almost got poppadoms we didn't order (like we didn't have enough food!), but apart from that we really enjoyed our meal. 


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