4 Places to Eat in Paris

I decided that I would do a few little round up posts of places around the world I've visited and give some recommendations of places to eat. One of my favourite things to do before visiting somewhere is to search through blogs for recommendations, I find they always have places that are a bit trendy and not touristy. Don't forget to check out my 4 Places to Eat in Amsterdam. So onto the places in Paris I've picked out. Paris is such a huge place it can be a bit daunting but I really loved these places we visited. 

This is probably a recommendation you see a lot when you're looking to visit Paris, but honestly it loves up to the hype. If you're looking for amazing authentic French patisseries, hot chocolate so thick it's like melted chocolate and a beautiful setting, Angelina is the place to visit! It isn't cheap and they will charge you for water if they ask if you want it alongside your hot chocolate, but it's definitely worth a visit! 

If you're looking for somewhere cool, casual, laid back with amazingly delicious burgers, Blend is the place! When I visited the veggie burger was super tasty, my boyfriend said the meaty ones were just as good. Just look at those cheesy fries, I don't think anything I say is as convincing as them! 

3. Sacre Coeur Market

This recommendation is a little different, it was something we just stumbled upon but we absolutely fell in love! There are lots of stalls at the little market next to the Sacre Coeur, but this potato cheese combination is the food of the Gods! I think one was about €8 but it was so worth it! I've got no idea what they're called buy SO much melted cheese! 

4. Marcel

I'm a massive breakfast person, so I'm always looking for delicious breakfast recommendations, Marcel is definitely one of them! They also do lunch, they have a fab menu, the french toast was out of this world. The decor felt super trendy here, so instagramable! 



  1. Gorgeous recommendations - my only memories are when we ordered frogs legs and snails (typical tourists) near the louvre and paid £9 for a small beer outside of the Eiffel tower! I was young and naive when we visited - if we visit again I will keep these in mind x

    1. Eek! We tried really hard to stay away from places right next to the big attractions, I like to obsessively plan haha! x

  2. I am reading this post at midnight right now and it is not a good idea haha! <3 All these food look soooo gooddd. I really like Angelina as well but Blend looks like HEAVEN. Will definitely check out Blend the next time I am in Paris! xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡


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