French Breaks with Inter-Hotel

It's sort of become a tradition over the past few years me and Steven have a little city break over Easter, mostly because I know I'll always have time off from uni/college (not after this Easter! Ahhh!). This year we're having three nights in Prague, I've been wanting to go there for ages so I'm super excited! Stay tuned for lots of travel posts! 

Anyway I thought I would share a website with any of you who're thinking about booking a trip away, in particular, French breaks! Inter-Hotel is a site where you can book over 300 hotels in France,  not going to lie, I love places where you can browse loads of hotels on one site, lazy girl problems! The website lets you search for hotels by region, city and lots of other criteria to make sure you find the perfect hotel. The website is super easy to use, I've used other comparison websites in the past that can be a little hit or miss.

France is somewhere I've always wanted to explore more, I've only been to Paris and somewhere I can't remember skiing in middle school! Inter-Hotel features hotels all over France including Cannes, Le Mans, Lyon, Marseilles, Provence hotels in the directory Provence Nice and many more! They also tailor specific hotels to the type of break that you're looking for, such as wellbeing, gourmet, culture and leisure. If you're thinking about booking a cheeky break, give them a look! 

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