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When an email dropped into my inbox from Lauren over at Scran on the Tyne, about an event called Christmas at the Clayshed at Hoults Yard in Newcastle, I thought it sounded right up my street! Organised by 44 Creative and Longhorns this one off Christmas market at the newly refurbished Clayshed promised food, drinks, music and stalls. 

The event ran over a Friday night, costing £5 entry and from 12pm to 12am Saturday, free before 6pm. We arrived at about 5pm on Saturday, we were really impressed with the space, the huge Christmas tree, decorations and lights were lovely and suited the warehouse space really well, very reminiscent of the Boilershop Steamer. The clientele was very 'trendy' here but there was a good atmosphere, plenty of music and a live band (playing the same 4 Christmas songs every half an hour!). 

The event was busy when we arrived, there was ample seating which I was pleased about, I'm always first to complain when I'm struggling to eat something standing up, balancing my drink and handbag etc. We got ourselves some drinks and went for a mooch around the food and gift stalls. My boyfriend went for a pint from the bar, I was going to get a Kopparberg but a tiny can was £4! So I decided on a cocktail from MSA, I went for the Cosmopolitan for £5, it tasted nice but I was a bit disappointed to see it being poured from a premixed jug, it's not like they were stowed off with customers, although that didn't stop me from getting a Dark and Stormy later on! 

They were using a token system (which seemed a little unnecessary) which was £2.50 a token, most items were about 2 tokens, so depending on what you get, not too bad value for money. My boyfriend went for the German sausage first, which was your run of the mill German sausage but still nice. I decided on the battered fish, chips and mushy peas from Kracken, I'm so pleased I did, it was super tasty and this was the best value for money in my opinion, this is the only thing I managed I was so full! The portion size was huge for 2 tokens, shoutout to the lad working there who was also really lovely! 

My boyfriend then decided on one of the Mojito Lime Giant Tacos with pulled pork from El Kantina, I wish I could comment on these myself but I don't eat meat (sometimes fish) but I thought it looked nice and he enjoyed it, again 2 tokens, I think! After that he went for some Pork and Cabbage Steamed Dumplings from Nan Bei for 2 tokens, we've been to their shop in the Grainger Market where he had these before so he knew he'd like them! 

Steven then went on to say he wanted to use up his tokens instead of changing them back (yeah right!) and went for a slice from Manny's Pizza Deli, it was salami and something...I forget but again it was tasty and huge, especially for 1 token! We also took some treats away from Olive & Bean, I love it here anyway and went for a slice of Honeycomb Tiffin which was amazing and Steven had a Malteaser Slice which is his fave for 1 token each! 

Overall we enjoyed this event, I think for the first one they've ever done it went really well, maybe a few teething problems and I might have felt a little let down if I'd paid £5 to get in, considering the cost of the food and drink. Other vendors we didn't visit included Lola Jeans, Longhorns, Jam Jar, OCC, La Petit Creperie and Masala Dabba, so plenty of choice and I'd definitely come back for another event. 



  1. The food looks insanely delicious and your photos here are gorgeous!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue


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