Favourite Christmas Candles

Winter is really where my favourite candle scents eventually come out to play. For me I only really love candles that are foodie smelling, or spicy etc with a few exceptions, if I was a Yankee Candle I would only be a Food & Spice or Festive one. So as promised on my Autumn Candle Favourites post, here's my Christmas Candle Favourites! 

I've mentioned this before but my favourite place to buy candles is TK Maxx, 100%. At them moment they've got loads of nice ones in, I restrained myself as I promised to not buy scents that I already have or smell very similar, but definitely pop in there. They're amazing value for money and often have ones from America etc so the scents are really unique and delicious! Second to that are Yankee Candles, which never disappoint. 

Going from left to right I'll start off with the Hot Chocolate candle from TK Maxx, I absolutely love the packaging of this one, the little stockings are so cute! It smells so yummy, like melted chocolate! 
Next is Peppermint Bark from Yankee Candle, this one is so nice and minty but still really chocolatey and creamy, so nice! I also love Gingerbread, again from Yankee Candle, this is one that I can image people might not like, it's super spicy and sweet, but I don't find it sickly. Again from Yankee Candle is Snowflake Cookie, this one is like you've got a tray of Christmas cookies baking in the oven, so sweet and yummy! 

Then from Yankee Candle, North Pole, this one is again really minty, really fresh. My second TK Maxx favourite candle is Cinnamon Roll, this one again is spicy but it's really really sweet, like you've just took some cinnamon rolls out of the oven! Next another Yankee Candle is Merry Marshmallow, honestly this one smells just like marshmallow, sweet and light and yummy. Finally again from Yankee Candle is Candy Cane Lane, this one again is minty, but also really sweet, just like a candy cane! 

What are your favourite Christmas candles?



  1. I need to go to TK Maxx for some Christmas candles, I haven't been in ages and I know they'll have some good ens.
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  2. yankee candle are my fave, your hot chocolate one sounds really nice too x

    Zoe Mountford x

  3. I can only imagine how lovely Hot Chocolate smells, I always love going into Yankee Candle and choosing which scent to get this time of year!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  4. The hot chocolate one sounds amazing. I am just starting to get into more Yankee candles and loving them. I used to get most of my candles from Bath and Body Works but find the scents are just a bit too strong and sweet. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Shopping Obsession

    1. It's fab! I wish we had Bath and Body Works in the UK! x

  5. Christmas candles are my favourite - all these look amazing!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk


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