Cosy Winter Clothing Essentials

Cosy Winter Clothing Essentials

Wrapping up in comfy clothing has to be one of my favourite parts about Winter, this post has a distinctly Christmas vibe, but it's the run up so now is the time to whip out your favourite festive cosy gear! As always everything here is super budget friendly, I'm a total bargain hunter and always keep my eyes peeled. As usually most of the stuff here is from Primark, my home away from home, they always have fab Christmas bits in! 

I'll start off from left to right with my gorgeous grey and black furry earmuffs! Can you believe these are from Home Bargains?! They were only £1.99! They're so soft, amazing for the price, great to keep my little ears warm! 

Next up are my super cute reindeer slippers! These are from Peacocks and I'm not sure exactly how much they cost since my mam bought me them, but they're prices are normally really reasonable, I would imagine they were under £10. I'll be honest I do think when I'm walking around in them I'll probably fall and break my neck...but it's a risk I'm willing to take! 

Onto my Christmas jumper for the season, every year I like to buy me and my boyfriend a Christmas jumper, I got him a nice one with Elf on and I picked up this Home Alone one for myself, they were both from Primark and this one was only £10. I love it! 

Next for my festive leggings, these again are from Primark and were £10, I bought a gingerbread man pair last year and loved how soft they were so I knew I was definitely going to pick up another pair. I love the Scandinavian type design and they're so so comfy! 

Another item to keep my head warm is this Christmas pudding hat! This was a total bargain at Primark for £3. It's really thick and so cosy, I love the little puddings and the huge bobble on the top, it's going to keep me warm when I'm trekking around the Christmas markets, a post on the York ones coming soon! 

Finally is this sweet reindeer poncho, again obviously from Primark, I'm not sure how much this was as again my mam bought it, but I imagine it's around the £10 mark. I absolutely love chilling in this at night, it's so easy to throw on if you're feeling a bit chilly, so cosy! I also love the little antlers on top! 

What are your cosy Winter clothing essentials?


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