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The Running Fox is somewhere I've been meaning on visiting for so long! Last week me and my boyfriend stayed at The Northumberland Arms (check out my post on that!) in Felton and The Running Fox is just over the bridge, we could see it from our window! Felton is such a picturesque little village, I love places like this in Northumberland. We arrived a little early for our hotel reservation and hoped they would have a table free for lunch before the Afternoon Tea rush, which I've heard is always packed! I've seen so many people talk about how good it is and I'll definitely be back to try it! 

So luckily they squeezed us in! The vibe here is really nice, the staff were all super friendly. The menu was fab, I always forget to photograph the menu! But it's online so check it out! I ordered a mocha and it's probably the best one I've had, it had the right mix of chocolate and coffee, super yummy. Their famous doorstop sandwiches lured us in. I went for the mozzarella, tomato, pesto and olive doorstop melt. It was so so good! The artisan bread was to die for, so yummy! Steven decided on soup and a sandwich, the soup of the day was tomato and chorizo and he decided on the beef and stilton sandwich, both dishes were also served with a salad garnish. He really enjoyed his too, he almost cleaned his plate! 

The portion sizes are so reasonable for the money, mine was £6 and Steven's was £8, really good value for money! Like I said we were both super pleased with our little lunch visit and we will definitely be booking in for an Afternoon Tea soon! 



  1. You definitely must go back for afternoon tea, it is amazing! You get a slice of homemade pie as well as the usual treats and you can pick what slice of cake you want. We were seriously impressed (and so stuffed!)

    1. Ah I saw your post on it a while back, it looks amazing! I can't wait to go back! x

  2. Great pictures :)
    This place sounds lovely . x


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