Christmas Home Haul 2015

If you hadn't already guessed, I absolutely love all things Christmassy. I'm such a sucker for a theme and anything a bit gimmicky, so with that in mind, here is my super exciting Christmas Home Haul! If you read my blog often, you'll know I'm a total bargain hunter, although some items here look expensive, the majority were total bargains! 

It's a bit of a jumble but I'll talk you through what I bought by shop, starting off with Sainsbury's. When I picked up this stuff, there was a deal on where you get double your value of nectar points in exchange for a voucher. You had to pick which department you wanted to spend it in, with mine and my mam's points combined I had £10 to spend in Entertainment (this is where I picked up Arthur Christmas, I've been desperate for this for ages! I also picked up The Girl on the Train, but that isn't very Christmassy!). 

We also had £40 to spend in the Homeware section. This is where things got even more thrifty, there was a 25% off sale in the homeware. Normally you can't combine 2 different deals, but here you totally could, I felt like I was on Extreme Couponing! I picked up the knitted Christmas pudding cushion for £10.50, the Figgy Pudding candle in the gorgeous little bowl for £3.75, the Christmas jumper bunting which is so cute for £7.50, the Christmas Spice fragranced pot pouri for I think about £3 and finally the gorgeous big red cushion with the writing on for £13! 

My next lot of stuff comes from TK Maxx, my all time favourite shop! Last year in Edinburgh me and my mam bought a bauble that looked just like my dog Barry, since then we've rescued another dog called Daisy and I was on the hunt for a bauble that looked like her. I couldn't believe I found one from the same brand the first one came from at TK Maxx! It looks just like her and is dressed like a girl too, it's fate! It was £4.99. Sticking with the dog theme at TK Maxx, I got a gorgeous doggy jumper for Daisy since she doesn't have one, it's a gorgeous Scandinavian red, white and grey print with a furry collar, this was £9.99. Also from TK Maxx I picked up two Christmas ground coffees, I've talked before about how the cafitiere changed my life...I picked up Season's Greetings (Cinnamon Gingerbread) and Santa's Stash (Chocolate Caramel Cookie), they were £3.99 and sound amazing! 

The next place I picked up some bits from was Home Bargains. A huge one has just opened up near me and I was blown away with the amount of nice home things they have! Here I picked up the Christmas Tree LED light, for only £2.99! I think it will look super cute in my room when it's all done up!  I also picked up the pine cone candle which is so sweet, I've seen these in a few places, but this one is pretty big and was only £1.99! Lastly from Home Bargains I also got a gorgeous new cake tin for just £1.99, so good for all the Christmas recipes I've got lined up, check out my new Spiced Cranberry, Pistachio & Orange Choc Chip Shortbread and Chocolate Pecan Pie recipes! 

I also picked up some other Christmas ornaments from various places, the little penguin came from the Living North Christmas Fair and the wooden ones from a little shop in Felton where me and my boyfriend spent our anniversary

Have you picked up any Christmassy home bits yet?



  1. I am loving all, especially the caramel cookie !! I bet you cannot wait Christmas . I cannot wait. x

    1. It's so nice! Aw yay! I'm so excited for Christmas this year! x

  2. Love. Love, love everything! I haven't done a huge haul this year but have picked up some bits and bobs. I loved home bargains new store when we visits a few days ago - definitely need to go back for a few bits and bobs x

    1. I couldn't believe all the nice things I found! I was so impressed with the new Home Bargains too! x

  3. I'm absolutely obsessed with everything! I can't wait for christmas!!

    Talia // Floral Anchors

  4. Some beautiful items! Home Bargains has some fab Christmas things at bargain prices!


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