Transitional Autumn Skincare

It's come to that time where I like to switch up my skincare for the changing seasons. I have quite dry skin, especially when it starts to get colder, so I like to pack in the hydration, and use products that are sensitive on the skin. 

The cleanser that I've been using recently is the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm. I think this might be my favourite cleanser of all time. I just love how it makes my skin feel, super clean but not stripped, it still feel nourished. 

A new product I've been using is the Transformulas Face Contour & Tightening Cream. This cream aims to lift and lighten, I'm only 21, so anti-aging isn't the top of my list, but still it's never to early to start, you only get one face! I've found that this cream has definitely reduced the bags under my eyes. I like that it can be used in different areas of the face. 

For Autumn a great face mask is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask. I absolutely love this for when my face is feeling thirsty. It's super nourishing and makes my skin feel so soft after using it! 

A little cream I've been using is the L'Occitane Precious Cream, I've just got a sample size but honestly this is such a great moisturiser I'll probably get a full size when it's finished. It's really hydrating but it has a light and bouncy texture, which I find makes it sit really well under foundation, great for when the cold creeps up on us! 

Finally for any cracked lips I get I like to use the Papaya Gold Paw Paw Moisturising Balm. I really like the texture of this, really balmy and thick, super nourishing. I like that you can also use it on cuts and grazes or sensitive skin. 

What skincare do you like to use at this time of the year?

*PR Sample


  1. The Emma Hardie cleanser sounds really nice x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I really want to try the Emma Hardie cleanser - sounds like a lovely product!

    Lucy |


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