Review | Prestige Flowers Christmas Bouquet

Prestige Flowers Christmas Bouquet Review
Prestige Flowers Christmas Bouquet Review
Prestige Flowers Christmas Bouquet Review

I'm most definitely a flowers kind of fact I don't believe any girl doesn't like getting flowers! I like to remind my boyfriend of that now and again! When Prestige Flowers offered me the chance to review a bouquet part of their new Christmas range, I jumped at the chance! I know to some Christmas may be taboo in October, but I'm already thinking about presents! 

The Christmas range is not yet on the website, so unfortunately I can't link you to the exact bouquet, although I've just been stalking the Autumn bouquets, which are just as gorgeous, that one with the little pumpkins though! 

The way the flowers were delivered was great, they came in a tall cardboard box, even the box was nicely decorated! The box had holes on the sides so the flowers could breath. Inside there the bouquet was gorgeously wrapped in shiny paper, inside a black gift bag. The flowers themselves were in a gel like wrapping, presumably to keep them nourished. They also came with a super detailed flower care guide. 

I don't know anything about floristry but the way the flowers were arranged was gorgeous, all the colours really complimented each other, I loved the little additions of the pinecones and the cinnamon sticks, they really made the bouquet feel Christmassy! 

The flowers smelled amazing! I wish I could upload the smell! I'm so bad a describing scents, but the main smell was roses, obviously, but there was a wonderful spicy but fresh scent! I've had these flowers for over a week and they're still lasting pretty well! 

Will you be buying a special someone Christmas flowers? (Or hinting at your significant other? I know I will!) 

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  1. These look so beautiful, I don't think there's anything quite like receiving flowers!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. You're right! They're gorgeous aren't they! :) xx


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