Halloween Home Haul 2015

Halloween Home Haul 2015
Halloween Home Haul 2015
Halloween Home Haul 2015
Halloween Home Haul 2015

Halloween has to be one of my favourites times of year, everything about it I love, all things spooky. I honestly wish it was as big here as it is in America, I think I was born in the wrong country! Anyone else love the smell of a lit pumpkin?! Nevertheless I love decorating with Halloween bits and bobs and I managed to pick up some fab pieces from TK Maxx, what a shocker, back there again! 

For foodie things I picked up a pack of Sweetie Pie Ground Coffee in the Pumpkin Pie flavour. Ever since I got my cafetiere I've been obsessed with trying different flavoured coffees, TK Maxx do some great different flavours, not bad for £3.99. I think this pumpkin pie one will be really nice and super seasonal! I also picked up a pack of Spooky Sprinkles. I've had a pack of these before in a different style, you get 4 varieties, ghosts, tombstones, bats and a mixture, really good for £2.99, I'll have to get cracking on the Halloween cakes! Next I picked up a pack of 4 Halloween cookie cutters for £4.99, there is a skull, witch, cat and ghost, these will definitely get put to good use! 

For doggie bits, I wanted my pooches to look super cute and they had some fab things, I managed to restrain myself from buying a zebra and tortoise costume...But I still picked up a little t-shirt that says I Love Mummy for £7.99 and two little collar scrunchies with Halloween designs for £3.99 each, so cute! Not sure how much they'll enjoy wearing them though! 

Finally I picked up a Pumpkin Rum scented candle for £5.99, I loved the design on the front and it smells divine, super sweet and spicy! I also bought a little purple glitter skull to hang from somewhere, it was £1.99, so super cheap but I think it will look cute! Then I got a little pumpkin ornament, it's a gorgeous orange speckled colour with a little glass top and for £3.99 I thought it would look really nice in my room! 

Have you picked up any Halloween bits?



  1. I think the same thing too! I wish we celebrated Halloween as big as America does, I always feel like I'm missing out!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. I'm glad someone else feels the same haha! xx


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