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I've always been one for loving all things Indian, I've always loved the food and admired the clothing and culture. When Vishruti from Indian Journals got in touch about some authentic Indian stationary/fabric, I couldn't say no! 

Starting with the journals, I've had a few of the handmade Indian journals in the past, but none that were actually authentic! The journals are made from handmade paper, up-cycled embroidered fabrics,  with traditional Indian folk art prints on the front. Mine features a dancing peacock motif, this motif has a world wide presence. The peacock is a symbol of immortality and this motif has an old world charm. In Hinduism the Peacock is associated with Goddess Lakshmi who is a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and good luck. This journal retails at only £5.37 with £3.35 shipping to the UK, which for a handmade journal I think is amazing value for money! 

Vishruti also runs the Eco Fabric Store, if you think of handmade goods from India, you automatically think of fabric, well I know I do! Instead of just showing you a yard of fabric I, when I say I, I mean my mam...made a cushion cover out of it! I absolutely love that the fabrics are earth friendly, recently becoming a vegetarian has made me think more about the way products are made etc. The fabric is made from organic cotton, bamboo yarns, soya bean protein, banana yarn and dyed with plant extract vegetable dyes. I can't even describe how soft this fabric is, so glad it's been made into a cushion cover, its like lying on a cloud! You can get the fabrics in a variety of lengths, mine is a gorgeous spade leaf design

I'd highly recommend Indian Journals and Eco Fabric Store if you want a little taste of India in your home! 

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  1. That journal looks so beautiful and really is an incredible price for the fact it's hand made!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue


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