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Instanatural Vitamin C Facial Toner and the Youth Express Night Cream Review

I've tried a couple of products from Instanatural in the past, including their moisturiser and serum, which I thought were both great. So when I was sent two more products I was excited to give them a go! 

I'll start off with the Pore Tightening Vitamin C Facial Toner which retails at £17.95, so quite mid range when it comes to skincare, the toner states it cleans and shrinks pores, combats oily skin and hydrates and preps skin. For me a couple of those problems don't really apply, I thankfully don't have visible pores or oily skin, my skin is definitely on the dry end of the spectrum. Although saying that, I did enjoy using the product nonetheless. It contains vitamin C and all natural ingredients which I love, however the packaging screams pharmacy to me. The product really refreshed my skin. 

Next the Professional Formula Youth Express Night Cream Hydrates and Plumps Skin which retails at again £17.95, again not a bad price. The cream has anti ageing benefits, soothes acne and blemishes and offers deep hydration. I found that this product was more tailored to my skin. The formula of the cream is quite heavy although most night creams are, however I found it didn't take too long to soak into the skin, the smell isn't amazing, a bit medicinal. Although I don't really need anti ageing skincare yet I found that it helped the dry patches stay away and kept my skin soft and hydrated. 

Have you tried anything from Instanatural?



  1. I'm using their eye gel and hyaluronic acid serum at the moment and I love it. My skin was being a bit naughty before I started using it, and it feels so much better now.


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