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I've never really suffered from dry hands, my mam sometimes gets really sore dry cracked skin on her hands so I'm quite lucky really. Although I still like to put on hand cream just to retain some moisture. Some of these are a little perfumed so if you have sore hands I probably wouldn't recommend them (apart from the Lush one) but just for keeping your hands nice and soft I love all 4 of these. 

I'll start off with one my my mam loves and is great for sore hands, Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream  £7.75. This cream is so yummy, it smells gorgeous and natural and is made with almond and cocoa butter, so creamy. 

Next EOS Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom £7.50. This smells divine, it soaks in quickly and leaves your hands feeling and smelling amazing! 

Onto L'Occitane en Provence Roses Hand and Nail Cream £8. This one is a little pricey for only being the 30ml travel size but it really is fab. Roses isn't my favourite scent but it isn't overly floral, it's not oily, just super creamy and feels lovely. 

Finally the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream £12 for 75ml. This one is just a travel size 30ml, I could only find the full size online. This one smells gorgeous and natural, it doesn't leave the hands feeling greasy and soaks in quickly. 

What are your favourite hand creams?



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